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Large Garlic Stalk


Nolina’s Heavenly Organics is a petite artisan farm, certified organic since 2004.  Garlic is our specialty!  Currently 77 varieties call our farm home.  Click here to see a list of the types of garlic by name, including the country of origin.  Many of our garlics are unique, heirloom varieties, both domestic and international in origin.
Most of our garlics are of the hardneck variety.  Often more beautiful than the softnecks, they display a range of colors from reds to purples to stripes.  Hardnecks must be enjoyed first, since they do not last as long as the white, multi-layered softnecks, which is what you find in the grocery stores.  The softnecks have flexible leaves and are braidable; hardnecks have a stiff central stalk.

Organic garlic is sold for seed in 2 bulb samples, and by the pound or half pound.  Contact us via e-mail with questions.  We will post our price list in the summer as we harvest.  We also sell a limited quantity of around-the-world garlic samplers each year, designed to be hung in your kitchen for culinary delights!  Our winter tastings have illuminated the astonishing and varying flavors of the garlics.  You can select your countries and types.  The samplers are $15.00 per variety + shipping.  Each sample includes a tag with the garlic type, country of origin and many have a story.

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